5 ways to use Hotmail effectively

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50% of emails in regular mailboxes are newsletters, 17% are updates from social networks, 9% are announcements, 6% are shopping invitations – these numbers increase day by day! Only 14% of emails received are really relevant to you.

The above statistics show that updating and managing mail boxes effectively becomes extremely difficult and time consuming, reducing productivity. However, Hotmail has introduced a series of new tools to help you do this.

In the digital age, we get more and more emails. It is estimated that this year a mailbox receives an average of 14,600 emails, which means that we will spend 375 hours a year managing email at work, equivalent to more than an hour a day just to read the mail.

Many emails receive this as “graymail”. Graymail is the newsletter that you subscribe to, but it’s mostly unwanted emails. These can be weekly newsletters introducing cheap travel, updates from social networks, shopping offers or reports on your child’s learning situation. The number of subscriptions increases and the number of subscribers in the inbox increases.

Here are 5 tips to better manage your inbox:

1. Group news

Hotmail has just added a new folder called Newsletter for newsletters. “Hotmail will filter emails for fashion, travel or shopping emails and move them to the correct directory with up to 95% accuracy. This feature is extremely useful in email categorization, helping you prioritize emails that are related to yourself.

In fact, every time you categorize an email as a newsletter, the filter will better identify yourself and other Hotmail users, “said Le Thu Hang, director of CMC deployment.

2- Just click, to cancel the registration

Hotmail helps you stop receiving newsletters in just one step. Click on the “Unsubscribe” button and Hotmail will help you complete the rest – automatically tell the site to stop sending you mail, use Sweep to immediately clean your mail and remove All old newsletters from the same source, and finally transfer any new news from that source to the spam mailbox until the sender removes them from their list.

3- Organize your inbox with Schedule Cleanup

You may want to receive the newsletter, but only want to keep the latest copy. Since a shopping offer newsletter is only useful in the first week and is replaced by a new newsletter after a certain period of time. Schedule Cleanup is a unique new tool of Hotmail, running in the background to keep your inbox organized. With Schedule Cleanup, you can:

• Keep only the last letter from the source

• Deleted postings (3 days, 10 days, 30 days or 60 days)

• Move messages to a folder when the time expires

And in this way whether read or not, the inbox never gets clogged, and email attachments from your financial institutions are automatically archived to a directory after 30 days.

4- Set priorities for emails

How to keep an extremely important email at the top and do not forget? Someone has marked the status of unread mail. Some people send it to themselves so that the letter stays in the top position.

But when new email arrives, it can be confusing. Hotmail gives users an experience like Outlook, tracking important messages with flag flags. Mark the message with the flag, immediately the message will be at the top of the mailbox.

Furthermore, you can even set rules to automatically attach incoming mail flags from certain senders. As such, the mailbox always identifies and places the highest priority messages to the time limit.

5- Sort mail by option

While automatic mail sorting is almost enough to meet the needs of many, Hotmail has added an easy-to-use sorting option to help users more effectively control their inboxes.

Hotmail helps you quickly create a new folder and move related emails to that folder without having to spend a lot of time searching the mail. At the same time, emails can be categorized quickly and are displayed alongside QuickViews near files, so you can easily find the email you want.