Change HOTMAIL email signature: That’s how it works

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If you want to change your Outlook/Hotmail email signature, you can do so for each email or for all outgoing mail. Both options are achievable with just a few clicks – we’ll show you how it works.

Microsoft Outlook offers you many options if you want to create or modify e-mail signatures.

Create and modify Outlook signatures for all outgoing emails

Run in the order:

  1. Create a new message and in the “Message” tab under “Insert” click on “Signature” and there on “Signatures”.
  2. Click on “New” at “Select signature for editing”. If needed, you can enter a name for your signature in the New Signature dialog box, such as private signature for private e-mail or business signature for business e-mail.
  3. Under “Select standard signature”, you specify for which mail accounts the signature applies and whether the signature should be automatically attached to all outgoing e-mails.
  4. You can also set individual signatures for reply mails or forwarding. This option can be found under “Responses / Forwarders”.
  5. Under “Edit signature” you can create a new signature or change existing signatures. Here you have everything, from the text content to numerous formatting options such as font, color and attached images such as company logos.

Change Outlook email signatures: can also manually in each individual email

Alternatively, you can insert a manual signature for each individual email. To do this, click on “Signature” under “Include” when creating a message. Now all the generated signatures will be displayed and you can choose the signature you want.

This way, you can also change your Outlook email signature. As soon as you have selected your desired signature, the signature will appear at the bottom of your e-mail. There you can change the text as you like.