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 Hotmail or another name is Outlook, the most popular free email service from Microsoft until Gmail was born. In addition, each Hotmail account will be allowed to use 2 GB of storage space, supporting 36 languages.

Some Hotmail features

The prominent features that a Hotmail account possesses include:

  • Music playback: The ability to play recorded music in email in multiple formats.
  • Flexible interface: Can change the background and layout displays according to the user’s wishes.
  • Integration with many other Microsoft services such as Notes, Calendar …
  • Superior security: Phishing heuristic detection, mailing list checks, and forwarding mail checks … to filter out harmful components.
  • Check spelling when writing text.
  • Completes the recipient’s address according to the user’s email history.
  • Search engine sent mail, received mail with high efficiency filter.
  • Data Storage: Mailbox capacity up to 2GB, 20MB attachment. For premium accounts, the mailbox space can be up to 4GB (Windows Live Hotmail Plus).
  • Multilingual: Currently, Hotmail has been integrated in more than 36 languages, bringing convenience to millions of users around the world.


Step1, go to:

  • In the New email you have options are Outlook and Hotmail, select Hotmail and select the name of the email you want to display, then select the password and click “Next”.

Step 2: On the next page, enter your First Name, Last Name. Click Next.

Step 3: You fill in information about Country, date of birth as required. Then click Next and enter an authentic captcha code.

Step 4: Complete all steps above, you have completed the steps to create a hotmail account for yourself. In this step 4, you can start a walk to learn the functions and tools of Hotmail.

The part that you need to set up in this step is

  • Time zone: The time frame you want to use
  • Theme: The backdrop of your Hotmail account
  • Signature: The signature that is displayed below each of your outgoing emails

Step 5: The mailbox interface of Hotmail will show up and starting now you can perform mail sending, receiving, storing basic information, very convenient.