How to know if there is an intruder in your Hotmail account

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It happened to all of us. Suddenly, in one of your email accounts, you start receiving mail sent to you, but with a different name. Or advertise stores and services that you have never used.

If you notice suspicious activity in your email, you probably have someone hacking. Show you how to know if there is an intruder in your Hotmail account. Thanks to the security measures that Microsoft covers in all of your accounts, you can check on recent activity and find out if someone is connecting to your account from a different place from where you are. you, or if someone is using it to send a message or spam.

It is a simple process that should be implemented over time.

Login Hotmail account

Hotmail has been integrated into Outlook, so to import your Hotmail account, you must do so through the general Microsoft account website.

Sign in with your HotMail account:

If you do not have one, you can create it directly from the same window, by clicking Create a.

Check recent activity

Once in your account, you will see that it is now called Outlook, even if you are using a Hotmail account. Tap the profile icon, in the upper right corner, and select View account to access the main options:

Enter the Security section, located in the blue bar. You’ll find a section called Recent Activity Reviews. Click on Activity Review:

It will ask for your password again and they can send you a verification code to the other email associated with the account so you can prove your identity. Then, you will see all your activity on the screen over the last few weeks:

You have to check the four data. First, look at the location of the connection. If you see someone using your account from Russia or from China, start suspecting.

Check Field Equipment / Platforms. If it appears that you connect to the iPhone but you do not have a bad business …

The next point is the IP address. Although it may change, if you notice that there are many different IP addresses, maybe someone is using your account.

Finally, check the connection date. If you never connect on Sunday for example and have connections on Sunday, there is a problem …

What to do if there are intruders?

If you notice any suspicious activity and you think there is an intruder in your Hotmail account, click the Contact link in the lower right corner and let Microsoft know.

You should also change your password. See this guide for changing Hotmail and Outlook passwords.